Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maybelline Review: Lots of Lashes & Baby Lips

I came home one day to find a package with these babies in it and I was so excited! To start off i'll let everyone know that I am a part of which is a social marketing company. It is completely free to sign up for, but before I start butchering the facts i'll just let you guys check out their website on your own :)

The campaign I am a part of is:
Photo from Maybelline website
L-R: Cherry Me, Grape Vine, Peppermint, Peach Kiss, Quenched, Pink Punch

I'm going to be starting off with the Lip product because it was my favorite product from the kit sent to me. "Baby Lips" product is Maybelline's newest lip balm which I have to say I absolutely love. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but I really dislike to wear product on my lips.. it just feels cakey and unnatural if that makes sense. What's great about the products is the ingredients such as Shea butter to moisturize, Vitamin Complex to restore, and Centella for a line-free look. There are six different choices of lip balms..2 clear and 4 tinted. I decided to try "Peach Kiss" and I love how moisturized it makes my lips feel while giving them the slightest bit of peach shimmer. My friends chose the rest and they have all concluded that this is a great product to try, especially if you're a bit shy with lipsticks. The tinted lip balm is an easy way of starting to add color to your lips.

·         Really does moisturize your lips!
·         The product is only a “slight” hint of color so  it may not show up as much as wanted, especially if you have darker lips
·         Great price: $3.99
·         Long-lasting
·         Super cute packaging!

L: bare chapped lips
R: Wearing "Peach Kiss"


Maybelline's newest mascara is really just an upgrade from the "Great Lash" product. The packaging is still the classic pink tube with green cap, the only difference is the "Lots of Lashes" heart added on the tube. (Cute btw!) Pretty much everyone I know has at least tried Great Lash, so it was interesting to see how they liked the new wand that was added to the mascara. The old wand left a lot of clumps in my lashes but the new heart-shaped elastomer brush doesn't if you apply the right amount. The formula for the original Great Lash was always mediocre, and that hasn't changed with Lots of Lashes.

·         Angled brush makes it easy to reach  all lashes
·         Mediocre formula
·         Begins to flake after a while
·         Great price: $6.40
·         Clump free (up to 2 coats)
·         Easy to wash off

Once I applied 3 coats I got spider lashes.. yikes!

If you want to check out Maybelline New York's Facebook page you can do so here.