Sunday, October 21, 2012

e.l.f. HAUL

I hadn't bought any e.l.f. products in a while so one day I randomly decided to take a look at their website and found that they had a promotion for 50% off their studio line. I went crazy and started adding a ton of things to my cart but had to take some out or I would have left myself broke! Anyways here's the things I purchased with close ups as well as some swatches. Hopefully it gives you some insight to the products and helps you in case you were thinking of purchasing some of the same things.


Studio Lip Stain

I really loved the colors I chose for the e.l.f. Studio Lip Stains because they seem like they would be very flattering on all kinds of skin tones. The two I chose are "Fashionista"and "Bombshell" which both come in a double sided tube and a does foot applicator. Pros for this have to be the $3 price tag, beautiful colors, and the fact that the product is very buildable to get a deeper or more natural color. Cons are that the product begins to fade not long after it is applied (something a lip stain should not be doing) and the stain can be drying to your lips so you may need to carry a lip balm with you. Also, the clear gloss that comes with the stain is horrible; it is so thick and sticky that I had to wipe my lips clean of it after having in on for only a few minutes. Overall I do like the product and would definitely consider purchasing the other colors that are available. 

Studio Matte Lip Color

These Studio Matte Lip Colors in "Tea Rose" and "Rich Red" are amazing for only $3. I absolutely love the Tea Rose with a soft pink lip gloss or a berry tinted lip balm on top. Of course they can be worn alone for those who want a matte finish since that is the purpose of this product, either way you get a gorgeous result. Just like the Studio Lip Stains, the product is buildable so you can have a soft look to it or continue adding the creamy lipstick to achieve a deeper color.


Studio High Definition Powder

The e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder (in "Translucent") must literally be the most lightweight powder I have ever used. It feels as is you are putting no product on, yet it gives an amazing feel of silk to your face. I occasionally use this to set my makeup and it has helped control some of the shine I get around my T-zone. Although the powder appears really white it applies completely sheer. This is definitely a product I would recommend you should try out if you are looking for a translucent powder. Price: $3

Studio Blush

I've tried e.l.f. Studio Blushes before and I have always been satisfied with the pigmentation so I decided to buy one in the color "Twinkle Pink." The pink color itself is gorgeous but I am not so much a fan of sparkly blushes so I was a little disappointed with that but overall the blush is still very wearable.

Studio Complete Coverage Concealer

I was really skeptical to try this "Studio Complete Coverage Concealer" because the packaging reminded me of e.l.f.'s "Studio Corrective Concealer" that didn't work for me at all. When I first swatches this I was surprised how creamy and pigmented the product was and quickly realized it was something that was going to work for me. The only problem I had was that I purchased the color Light and I may have been better suited for the Medium color. Price: $3 and definitely worth it.


Studio Powder Brush

The only other Kabuki brush I've owned was one that came with my Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation and that one was pretty lame.. it was much more compact than this e.l.f. one which made the application look heavier. I love using this brush with my new HD Translucent Powder from e.l.f. because it gives such a light application but still enough coverage. Price: $6 

Studio Powder Brush

I love, love, love this Powder Brush! I use it primarily to buff in my liquid foundation and it works amazing because it is the perfect size and does not leave any streaks at all. Price: $3

Studio Complexion Brush

The bristles on this brush were so soft that it makes it very easy to blend my blush and bronzer. I wouldn't say this brush is anything special but it is definitely an upgrade from my old and raggedy e.l.f. brushes from the Essential line I bought years ago. Price: $3

Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush

The small tip on this eyeliner brush  is amazing for making thin lines. Now I don't have to struggle to create the perfect winged liner. Price: $3

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

UnJunk Your Life!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be giving you guys an UNREAL review on a candy product that just recently came out. So a few weeks ago I received my Bzz Kit in the mail containing a couple of coupons for the brand Unreal Candy. Before being asked to be a part of the campaign I had never heard of this brand but the idea of having a candy that was “unjunked,” meaning it had no artificials, no corn syrup, and no hydrogenated oils seemed like a really interesting thing to try. After viewing the website I was really surprised to find out that the idea of this “unjunked” candy was brought to light by a 13 year old boy and his family. To read the story click here.  The website is actually really informative so if you are curious about anything have a look! Moving along this is going to be my review on four of the five products that have been released.

Unreal 8
This candy bar is compared to a Snickers bar and contains: chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and nougat
To be honest this bar was not memorable at all. It tasted VERY bland and nothing like a Snickers bar.
For Nutritional Facts/ Comparisons click here

Unreal 54
Described as  "Candy coated chocolates with peanuts," this chocolate is compared to Peanut M&Ms
As you can see on the right image, I actually was eating some M&M's as I opened the Unreal Brand. I decided to put those in the image to show the comparison of colors. The Unreal brand has very opaque and bland colors which I did not find appealing until I found out they used natural ingredients instead of dyes (see HERE) . The chocolate tasted like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate (I like both so I didn't mind) which may not suit some peoples preference  Overall these were OKAY. For Nutritional Facts/ Comparisons click here

Unreal 41
These candy coated chocolates are comparable to M&M's and although I like M&M brand better this is something I may purchase again. There is a stronger taste of chocolate in these than the M&Ms but they also have a bitter taste to them. For Nutritional Facts/ Comparisons click here

Unreal 77
This Peanut Butter Cup is compared to that of Reese's but by far it is the one that tastes the least like its competitor. It wasn't necessarily bad but for some reason it left me with a taste of COFFEE rather than chocolate and peanut butter! Very strange.. For Nutritional Facts/ Comparisons click here 

Uses natural ingredients
Has more fiber, peanuts, protein, etc. than the leading candy products
Less Sugar than leading products
Dyes are not used for colors
Very Innovative Idea
Junk (corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMO’s, preservatives, and artificials are not used
Packaging is really fun and unique
Price (similar to leading brands)

L The names are a bit confusing and BORING. The candy is labeled as numbers which I have yet to know the purpose of.
L Taste (the BIGGIE!) Sadly I was not a huge fan of any of the products when it came to taste
L Availability in stores. It took me forever to find the brand in stores. I went to CVS but all I ever saw was big packages rather than these individual sizes. Finally picked some up at Michael's craft store**Many more stores are said to be carrying the brand by the end of October

**Overall these aren't the candies I plan on picking up when I go to the grocery store**

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Gellin' !

This post is going to be for all of you that suffer from foot pain and discomfort. About a month ago I received another Bzz Kit including a pair of Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles for Women. I have always had problems with my feet and the pain I was experiencing did not  lessen until I started using insoles. After my first pair of Dr. Scholl's insoles I knew it was a brand I would be sticking to and one that I could trust to help ease my foot discomfort. 

This specific style is made for a woman's foot and has three layers that provide three types of comfort. According to Dr. Scholl's:
  • Delivers energizing support and cushioning
  • Massaging Gel waves cushion where you need it most
  • Ultra-soft blue gel provides superior shock absorption where you need it most
  • Firmer purple gel provides added support

o The Outer gel waves which are on the heel massage your foot’s sensitive areas

o The Next layer of soft blue gel waves provide “superior shock absorption”

o The last layer of firm dark blue gel provides added support for your feet

The size range for this pair was 6-10 and you trim it to fit your shoe size. The bottom of the insoles have rings which make it very easy for you to cut at a perfect angle and size that is suitable to comfortably fit your shoes. You just have to be careful to not cut too much or you will have the insoles moving around in your shoes. These insoles are good for work boots, sneakers, or casual shoes, but not the best for thin flats or heels.

o Gel material provides great comfort, especially for your heels
o Thin enough to fit in your everyday casual shoes
o Price- very affordable at ~$10

o Does not provide arch support... a con for people who desperately need this (like I do!)
o Can cause your feet to get warm/sweat after long wear

From the look of these I think it is clear that i get good use out of them!
Overall I would definitely recommend these to anyone who suffers from mild foot discomfort.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gucci Flora Collection

I got my new BZZ Kit in the mail not too long ago and have been testing it out - I love these fragrances! What fragrances you ask? Flora by Gucci: The Flora Garden Collection.

To be honest I have never been a fan of floral scents and when I got these I was surprised I enjoyed them. The package came with three scents: Glamorous Magnolia (Blue bottle), Gracious Tuberose (Green), and Gorgeous Gardenia (Pink). All three are lovely to wear but to be honest I cannot say if they are true to Magnolia, Tuberose, and Gardenia scents I will leave that to the flower experts. Regardless, these are the perfect scents for Spring and Summertime. 

Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia

My favorite has to be Glamorous Magnolia. As I said I’m not a big fan of floral scents but this one had such a sweet fruity scent to it. The hints of freesia, peony, magnolia and sandalwood offer “a reverent homage to the flower’s radiant freshness and smooth, velvety petals.” Wearing this made me feel so girly, effortless and flirty.

I cannot decide which of the next two scents I like more- they both have two very different scents to them. Gracious Tuberose is described as “a classical homage to the flower’s innocent nature and luscious petals.” There are hints of violet, cistus, and white cedarwood and I believe this scent is the lightest of the three. It is a good compromise for those who like floral scents as well as fruity ones.

Gorgeous Gardenia has the most floral scent with frangipani flowers but is also made up of red berries, pears, and brown sugar. It is described as “an elegant, sensual celebration of the shrub’s first blossom and sumptuous full bloom.” Normally I would not like such a flowery scent but wearing this just makes me feel so sophisticated and womanly!

Family members and friends were all in disagreement on which scent was their favorite. My younger cousin and her friends were all a fan of Glamorous Magnolia while my mom loved Gorgeous Gardenia and aunts liked Gorgeous Gardenia. There are three scents to choose from so to each their own. 
The only downside for me would be the price- at $70 for a 1.6 oz bottle. If you had the money I would definitely recommend trying this product, if not save up to try it because it really is a good product! If you have tried any of these scents let me know which was your favorite or least favorite and how it made you feel wearing it.