Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gucci Flora Collection

I got my new BZZ Kit in the mail not too long ago and have been testing it out - I love these fragrances! What fragrances you ask? Flora by Gucci: The Flora Garden Collection.

To be honest I have never been a fan of floral scents and when I got these I was surprised I enjoyed them. The package came with three scents: Glamorous Magnolia (Blue bottle), Gracious Tuberose (Green), and Gorgeous Gardenia (Pink). All three are lovely to wear but to be honest I cannot say if they are true to Magnolia, Tuberose, and Gardenia scents I will leave that to the flower experts. Regardless, these are the perfect scents for Spring and Summertime. 

Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia

My favorite has to be Glamorous Magnolia. As I said I’m not a big fan of floral scents but this one had such a sweet fruity scent to it. The hints of freesia, peony, magnolia and sandalwood offer “a reverent homage to the flower’s radiant freshness and smooth, velvety petals.” Wearing this made me feel so girly, effortless and flirty.

I cannot decide which of the next two scents I like more- they both have two very different scents to them. Gracious Tuberose is described as “a classical homage to the flower’s innocent nature and luscious petals.” There are hints of violet, cistus, and white cedarwood and I believe this scent is the lightest of the three. It is a good compromise for those who like floral scents as well as fruity ones.

Gorgeous Gardenia has the most floral scent with frangipani flowers but is also made up of red berries, pears, and brown sugar. It is described as “an elegant, sensual celebration of the shrub’s first blossom and sumptuous full bloom.” Normally I would not like such a flowery scent but wearing this just makes me feel so sophisticated and womanly!

Family members and friends were all in disagreement on which scent was their favorite. My younger cousin and her friends were all a fan of Glamorous Magnolia while my mom loved Gorgeous Gardenia and aunts liked Gorgeous Gardenia. There are three scents to choose from so to each their own. 
The only downside for me would be the price- at $70 for a 1.6 oz bottle. If you had the money I would definitely recommend trying this product, if not save up to try it because it really is a good product! If you have tried any of these scents let me know which was your favorite or least favorite and how it made you feel wearing it.